The House on Beckett Lane by Emma Rogers

An iPad showing the cover of The House on Beckett Lane with a background of book pages surrounded by fake flowers and pine cones.

A family in an inescapable cycle of abuse; a widower discovering who he is without his wife standing by his side; a couple avoiding the cancer shaped elephant in the room.

Set in the ever-changing structure of the home, The House on Beckett Lane examines every corner of tragedy over a fifteen year period. Rogers combines voice, dialogue and description to create a poignant narrative poignant narrative which explores the individuality of thought and demonstrates the multiplicity of perspective. 

I am not normally one for short stories but when Emma reached out and asked if I’d like to read and review her collection, I figured I would give it a try since it’s quite a short one – I am so glad I did. It is made up of five short stories, each one focusing on a different character.

Rogers writes so well that it draws you in immediately to these characters lives. They feel realistic and fundamentally flawed and perfect examples of the human condition.

Each story reads like a snapshot of life, as if you were peering in through the window and observing a few minutes of someone’s life, just enough to know them for that brief moment. Some of them I was happy to leave, feeling like I’d got just enough and others I found myself wanting to stay longer, to find out more about their lives rather than that brief glimpse.

I really enjoyed reading this and would definitely read more from her in future.

Huge thank you to It’s A Reader’s Life for inviting me on this tour and sending me an e-ARC of her book, which is self published. This was originally published on my Instagram as part of the blog tour.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Trigger Warnings: Child death, Grief, Death, Cancer, Suicide, Domestic Abuse

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