A Storm of Sisters by Michelle Harrison

An iPad with the cover of A Storm of Sisters in front of books on a book case.

Thank you so much to Simon & Schuster and NetGalley for this sample ARC in exchange for an honest review.

There are secrets hidden beneath the ice . . . bring the magic home in the frosty fourth instalment of the bestselling Pinch of Magic Adventures, from the award-winning Michelle Harrison.
When the Widdershins sisters and Granny are called away in deepest winter to look after cousin Clarissa, it doesn’t take long for adventure – or trouble – to find them. The town of Little Nipping has plenty to explore with its frozen lake and winter market, as well as being haunted by a doomed highwayman, searching for lost treasure. But the legends are true and seeing a ghostly figure one night, the girls realise that Granny is in terrible danger.  As an icy storm rages, the race to save her begins – can they reach the treasure before the highwayman claims another soul?

I NEED MORE! This was a sample ARC with just a few chapters and it left off on a cliffhanger!

I love everything Michelle Harrison writes and the Widdershins sisters hold a place in my heart so it was wonderful to be back with them again. The way Harrison describes the snowy little town sounds idyllic, although as we find out, it may not all be what it seems. I could definitely imagine myself in the story, following the sisters on yet another adventure.

I loved that their personalities are still as strong as ever and that they’ve settled into their new house and town only to be off on another adventure and I cannot wait to see where this one leads.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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